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This is the track for those who don't quite fit in...and who come to realize that freedom means not even trying. Tim'm sings soulfully over the contemporary Watkinz beat juxtaposed with a more rapid-fire lyricism more similar to his days with Deep Dickollective than much of his solo work.


produced by Watkinz

completely comfortable
in my skin
too bad the world wants to
box me in
makes it so hard to find
peace within
cuz I'm up and I'm down and I'm OUT
and I'm in between
I'm in between
I'm in between
between the in
cuz I'm in between
I'm in between
I'm in between
between the inbetween

Verse 1:

have you ever opened ya mouth to just stutter
tongue-tied over your truth
and just mutter, words like clutter,
catching up with the uppercut
and boxing to break out the box
like ya just got dropped
cuz ya life is a maze
and you amazed that the days
got you in a daze
way bigger than a phase
bigger than your fear but you still afraid
song in the throat but you a bird in a cage
and just like Angelou you wanna sing, wail
but you fail and it ain't hard to tell
never had a poker face
wrinkle cuz you frustrate
breath accelerates, heart skips a pace
and you tire and you retire from the rat race
in that state of mind called mine
so you stay in your head cuz you do just fine
fine fine fine Woooo
and you search for a home, cuz it's more than a place
a dream in that pillow where you feel most safe
that joy out of reach you can almost taste
doubt creeps in wait wait
then you realize the wait is a waste of faith
look for dreams but it can't be chased
and it's... written all over your face
God please give me grace
still in-between


Verse 2:

I'm neither here nor there
ambivalence projects the point: right thurr
teeter tatter somewhere
know what I mean?
somewhere in-between
and the buck stops there
but there is no there there
except everywhere where it's not
and who cares
too proud to stop
too much a man to shed tears
too elusive thus unclear
but there is a place where you understood
echo boomerang in the woods
returns like you sent it, baby it's all good
and you can really trust it
poetic justice
used to be unsure of everything
before I realized i was a king
before I realzed I was a queen
before i embraced I was in-between
is my reality
they make criminality
of my humanity
it's all insanity
until I learned to be
the best rejection of my own second guessin
so believe in yourself when too few do
when you feel there nobody else but you
but you know deep down that it just ain't true
cuz you too fly, on fleek, YOU
give a dog faced side-eye Scooby-Doo
cuz the haterz got you all confused
and you win sometimes when you think you lose
and you ain't got a thing a prove
even in-between

Hook to fade


from ICONography, released October 6, 2015
written and performed by Tim'm West
produced by Watkinz
Vocal arrangement by Ceedro
background vocals by Ceedro
Mixed and engineered by Mauryce MoTrakx Owens at 6090 Studios



all rights reserved