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This track, produced by Rob Rhythm is a throwback tribute to early 90s House music with a Spoken Word message that ponders the existential nature of the crush. Smooth vocals offer a balance to what is sure to be one of the more memorable moments on ICONography.


produced by Rob Rhythm


there is a sweet pain
a love that dare not
speak it's name
a song without refrain
it's called a crush
a recipe of intrigue and lust
and if you must reveal it
after patience and concealment
then you just might kill it

but keepin’ it in
especially if for a friend
can prolong the longing
the belonging
so sometimes
it's best to take the risk
reveal the heart's wish
engage this soul kiss
from a distance
in an instant

Verse 1:

I got a crush on you
not sure you know it
I try not to show it
but when I'm feelin’ blue
the sight of you just makes me smile

and you
seem oblivious
to my like and lust
though at times I think
it shows
I wonder if you know

Verse 2:

I got a crush on you
I'm not sure you know it
try not to show it
our wordless wonderment
the silence speaks a thousand words

and you
sometimes look my way
say hello or hey
but no more, than this most times
though I see more in my mind


not sure I believe in
love at first sight
but these eyes can spot a crush
are quick to lust
if never rush
the sweetest pain of knowing
the other may never know
the feelings grow
know if you cross the line
the crush may surely die
what makes it butterfly
what makes the nature rise
is the almost but not quite
the maybe I just might
but never do
defines the essence of you
and me
parallel symphonies
on different stages
and ain't it amazing
that we know we alive
in the dance of eyes
no guilt, shame, or lies
the purity of you and i
sweet anticipation
wondering and waiting
if we will ever become
the two that’s one plus one

Verse 3:

this crush on you
I’m not sure you know it
I try not to show it
sometimes I think I slip
and my eyes tell my secrets

I see you
so oblivious
to my like and lust
though at times I think
you feel it too
maybe I'm the same to you

Verse 4:

You've got a crush on me
I never knew it
I feel kinda foolish
now that our secret's mutual
should we stay this way, or try to grow

But we
enjoy the purity
of the fantasy
and what if we try and don't succeed
then our hearts will surely bleed


how you know sometime
is God tell you
you can smell it
taste like home
like soul kitchen to hunger
prayer to need
lullaby or cuddle to insomnia
you know
'cause everything in the world
all right
when they look at you
if just for seconds
and you can't stop


from ICONography, released October 6, 2015
Written by Tim'm West
Produced by Rob Rhythm
Mixed and Engineered by Watkinz at Watkinz Studios (Philadelphia)



all rights reserved