Human (feat. Ceedro)

from by Tim'm

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Human is one of the first tracks Tim'm wrote for ICONograpy, if one of the last ones to record. The song speaks to the failed promise of a humanism that affirms we are are all human, which is overstated by the vast inequalities based on race, gender, orientation, and other factors.


produced by Watkinz

I'm no different than you
(only human)
just treated different than you
(as a human)
you see me
but don't respect me
why you gotta test me
I'm human



This is how a brotha feel
might not be pretty but it's damn sure real
I rep the rhetoric
inspire the derelict
HUMAN, spit therefore I am


This is how a brotha feel
might not be pretty but it's damn sure real
I rep the rhetoric
inspire the derelict
HUMAN, spit therefore I am

Tim'm verse:

I represent a nation of blues and blacks
and browns and reds and yellows
and fellows that like fellows
and ladies and babies
that grow up with crazy inequity
so normalized
people think that's the way it's gotta be
but it ain't
and I can't with with y'all today
demeaning my meaning because I'm human but I'm gay
fact: you homosapien
though you don't swing that way
fact: your blood is red like mine
and pounds is how you weigh
but you won't fist pound a person that's got AIDS
you need to read a book
with yo ignorant display
you really need a hug
don't want my hug me
then good luck.
i don't give a wha what a what what
may try to keep me down
but I get up
cuz I always call ya bluff, you ain't tough
the existential nature that makes you a guess what?
superior, hell naw, just a little touched
you like to live a life that's pure and plush
while criminal justice is for just us
though scientifically
you no more a human than the
nigga you see
and that's me


Ceedro verse:
I don’t like the way that you talk to me
To be honest
I just want a conversation
Free of racial comments, I mean
Every time we speak
Does it really have to be
About what religion we seek
Or someone’s sexuality, look bruh
This world is not petite
It’s much bigger than you or me
And I just really feel the need
To spit equality on this beat
Not a soapbox or a preach
Just the common decency
To make sure everyone you meet
Gets the same chance to compete
You should know that this is right
You should know this should be life
You should know that folks are more than
Gay or straight, and black or white
Stop bickering and attacking
Or like Icarus with his wax wings
Get too high on your own shine
And go down like a bird on his last wing

Hook to fade


from ICONography, released October 6, 2015
Co-written, arranged, and performed by Tim'm West and Ceedro
produced by Watkinz
Mixed and Engineered by Watkinz at Watkinz Studios (Philadelphia)



all rights reserved