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Remember is Tim'm's dedication to his bestie Maine who passed in March 2015. Rooted in celebration of a dynamic and vibrant life too soon ended, the song has universal appeal for anyone for whom dancing to house music is a way of remembering those who've gone before-- especially those who shared the spiritual experience and energy only house music can generate. Produced by Rob Rhythm, the track offers a hint to the diversity and versatility of its author. House, Hip-Hop, Vocals, Spoken Word... the forthcoming ICONography will be all that, and then some.


produced by Rob Rhythm

Spoken intro:
[we remember
we remember you
we remember
we remember you]


We don't remember everyone there
but remember you
something about your movement
sparked a movement
a parallel chain of motion inciting commotion
of those parts like hearts
wanting to stay stuck
stay untouched
your movement freed others
not brother by birth, if another mother
bound by symmetry of sweat
cemented by baby powder's freedom
its flow on feet that float
slide, glide, showboat
and whatever is not moving is moved
on these floors
eyes dance, hands fly
feet sing
here DJs are transformed into kings and queens
dancers into healers,
who communicate through movement
the next breaths we inhale our music


Music takes me there
(we remember)
Memories of Love
I just close my eyes
(there is you)
reminiscent of


we remember how we all
kin by circumstance and driven by dance
yes, we remember you
head throwed back and eyes closed
guided not by sight if by sorrow
no worries: not yesterday or tomorrow
a smile that stretched til we believed it
more real than any pain before
so like you we wanted more
wanted to know the what when and how
how dance sublimates the circumstance of now
not remembering how we learned rhythm
but owning the way it took over
feet that sweep and shuffle
release the tension of muscle
make it okay to release
tears sweat, live die repeat
til we get the rite right
are reborn into night
love ourselves in spite
of this or that
make a ritual of soul claps and fist dap
glad we planned pre-midnight disco naps
lured our friends to soul or sugar shacks
do it no matter where we land on the map


Music takes me there
(we remember)
Memories of Love
I just close my eyes
(there is you)
reminiscent of


we remember your second wind
how you and the crew showed up
lined up for a weekly healing ritual
remember that it was spiritual
remember late nights
and early mornings
when any mourning we felt
was eclipsed by moonlit glow
of a disco ball
Remember dark halls
lit by bumpin basslines
that drew body parts out of their
slumber with stevie wonder
drum circles for busy hands
that pray on beat
tambourine shakes that make
of secular space a place
remember you danced
as recovery from the rat race


Music takes me there
(we remember)
Memories of Love
I just close my eyes
(there is you)
reminiscent of


we remember those we used to sway with
now gone
angels whose bodies we tangled and tango
til angles smooth out
we remember
b-boy and b-girl circles without bravado
dancing with another or others or solo
remember lots of hugs
capoeira love
nameless figures we knew without needing to know
so when it became time for them to go
honored by the universe to give an Ailey solo
we dance for you
who danced until you disappeared
last dance a celebration
a way you made peace with this side
and… by and bi... when the morning come
praised your way into heaven's arms
celebrated rainbow amid the storm
we remember you
we remember you

Final Hook (to fade)


from ICONography, released October 6, 2015
Written and performed by Tim'm West
background vocals by Ceedro
Produced by Rob Rhythm
Mixed and Engineered by Mauryce MoTrakx Owens at 6090 Studios in Atlanta, GA



all rights reserved